Acrylic Fibers

Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber composed of at least 85% acrylonitrile and a comonomer. The comonomer is added to improve dyeability and the textile processability of the acrylic fiber. The acrylic fiber is produced by two basic spinning systems: wet spinning and dry spinning.

This is the most similar synthetic fiber in characteristics to wool, so it can be used 100% alone, or in blends with other natural and synthetic fibers.
Due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, the easy washability, the high UV resistance and smooth hand-touch, it is generally chosen as a cheap alternative for the wool and it is used in a wide range of textile applications such as socks, sweaters, gloves and home furnishings.

We supply acrylic fibers as tow, top, and also as staple fiber in both ecru and colored as tow dyeing, dope dyeing and gel dyeing system.
The range of the acrylic fiber covers the most of used finesses (from 1.3dtex to 5.6dtex) and the staples are available in all cut lengths.
The special pill clean acrylic fibers scores with excellent pilling results. This prevents the formation of pilling on your textiles and ensures a long-lasting new look for the products.