Card – Clothing Solutions

SVEPOL can offer the highest quality card-clothings and excellent solutions for customer’s carding processes.
Thanks to our long-standing relationships with some of the world’s card-clothing manufacturers, we can meet customer’s specific needs and enhance the production efficiency.

We are an exclusive agent of Arimo Monteleone Group, Italy, producing accessories for woolen and worsted spinning as well as finishing mills, specifically flexible and metallic card clothing; raising, velveting and brushing fillets; leather industry, and powder scattering fillets; carrier fillets; sheared and flat needle belts, hand cleaning cards and grinding stones.

As an agent of Groz-Beckert, Germany, we can offer a wide range of card-clothing for nonwovens production, long staple fiber spinning, as well as for short staple fiber spinning. The selection includes metallic card clothing, stationary flats and revolving tops in various steel qualities and with different surface finishes.
Whether you need specific wire types, coating or configurations, we work closely with the producers and can deliver the perfect type for your machinery and processes.