Ecoplast Fiber JSCo

Ecoplast Fiber JSCo is part of Svepol group of companies. Svepol JSCo is a steadily growing company, with more than 30 years history and it is specialized in dealing with polyester staple fibers, synthetic yarns and PET resin.
Nowadays our factories and offices are located in Bulgaria and Macedonia, with more than 400 employees and annual turnover about 80 mils. euro.

Since 2018, Ecoplast Fiber Co, producer of polyester staple fibers is also part of our group of companies, currently with annual capacity about 12 000 t polyester staple fibers. Today we implement an ambitious investment program at improving the quality and the throughput of our production line, in the supply-chain of raw materials and ready products in order to be reliable and competitive supplier on the European market.


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Svepol Trans

SVEPOL TRANS is member of our Svepol Group. Strategically, the logistic base is located of port of Varna on 15 000 m² with 4000 m² covered space, with high quality equipment and good infrastructure. Also we have 35 vehicles for road transport in order to provide good service and flexibility. We create innovative end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored for our customer’s needs.

From enabling end-to-end technology for added visibility and efficiency, to establishing strong third-party relationships and the industry’s second-largest intermodal fleet, we provide access to the right support and the right end-to-end supply chain solutions, at the right time. We work together to customize what we offer to meet your needs. And with a single point of contact, a vast array of technically backed assets and strong third-party relationships, you’ll be on the receiving end of innovative, new ideas that underlie long-term potential.

Svepol Americas Inc

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Svepol Germany GmbH

We created our affiliate Svepol Germany GmbH with the sole purpose of enhancing convenience for our customers.
Svepol Germany GmbH is strategically located in Schermbeck, Germany, mere kilometers away from the Rotterdam Port, the largest in Europe. Our modern office and warehouse serve as a Western European center of our operations, combining efficiency with accessibility. From our prime location, we organize seamless logistics and distribution, leveraging the proximity to some of the most important European ports to streamline our global trade connections. In this way we can not only optimize the supply chain management but also improve our ability to serve clients across Europe and beyond.
Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our warehouse ensures the safe storage and handling of goods, while our dedicated team in Schermbeck works tirelessly to provide exceptional service to our customers.
Our goals are efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Svepol Arabia SPC

SVEPOL Arabia SPC is registered in Sohar Free Zone, Sultanate of Oman. Established as a local business entity, but still an integral part of our group of companies, SVEPOL Arabia SPC is involved in purchasing and logistic operations with our Middle-East partners.