Our partnership with the several world raw-materials and yarns producers over the globe, provides the customers high quality and range of industrial and hand-knitting yarns.

Machine Knitting

Svepol supplied a wide range of yarns for the machine knitting industry. Our partners are some of the world’s biggest factories, covering all of the requirements of the world-acclaimed “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” certificate.

The product list includes acrylic and acrylic blended worsted knitting yarn, products like wool yarn, viscose yarn, bamboo yarn, dyed and raw white yarn.

Our machine knitting yarns are used for the industrial flat bed knitting machines. Also suitable for the large-diameter circular and sock knitting industry, braiding machines and many others.

Handknitting Yarns

Svepol can offer a large collection of handknitting yarns that meet all the quality requirements.

We are able to supply all types of blends in handknitting yarns. The variety of products includes blends of premium acrylic, wool, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, polyamide, bamboo, viscose, and lurex.

We create fashion yarns collections also follow a make-to-order process and manufacture these products after receiving customers’ orders. The yarns achieve the requested softness, supersoft or normal touch by customers.